We have a moral and legal obligation to take care of our elders in their golden years. The moral obligation comes from the Bible - the fifth commandment tells us to honor our father and our mother; the legal obligation comes from US laws mandating certain standards in aged care facilities that receive federal funds. Sadly however, many seniors find themselves being placed for the remainder of their lives in public institutions, being cared for by strangers and living away from home, and forced to live in a strange, and often unfriendly, environment. It is sad enough that a senior citizen can't be taken care of at home by loved ones and has to be placed in an aged care facility, retirement home, or skilled nursing facility. Unfortunately, nursing homes are places where the elderly are abused and during a particularly fragile time of their lives is nothing short of a tragedy.

30 million Americans currently live in public or private aged care institutions. That number is only going to grow: as the baby boom generation matures, a member of that generation now turns age 60 every ten seconds. Very soon there is going to be a waiting list to get into any decent aged care facility.

The Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987 forces nursing homes and aged care facilities to maintain certain standards of aged care. Often times, those standards are often not maintained and violations of these standards are rampant throughout the United States. Over a million lawsuits are brought against senior care facilities each year. Charges brought against these facilities can include physical, mental, financial, and psychological abuse – or a combination of a few. The abuse can be intentional or it can be unintentional. Charges of abuse are sometimes easy to prove and sometimes difficult to prove. Even if these charges of elder neglect or abuse can be proven aged care facilities, especially those owned and operated by large corporations, can be very successful in delaying payment of settlement fees even after a judge has ruled against them. This direct delay in payment is forcing seniors and their families to suffer for several more years before they collect what the judge has ruled they deserve.

There is an alternative - Non-Recourse funding From Nationwide Litigation Funding

Fortunately, there is now another way for victims of nursing home abuse and their attorneys to receive funds once litigation has begun, well in advance of a settlement. Nationwide Litigation Funding now offers an alternative to all the waiting for years that many elder abuse litigants and their attorneys need to endure before collecting their deserved settlement. Nationwide Litigation Funding was formed in 1998 specifically to provide advance funding to people who fall victim to a variety of injuries and abuse: now they do not have to live in suffering and deprivation after a serious illness, accident or disaster involving someone else's neglect or abuse. Nationwide Litigation Funding provides non-recourse financing to a wide variety of litigants, plaintiffs and their attorneys so that they have money to pay for medical bills and living expenses while they wait for their settlement.

Non-Recourse Funding Isn’t a Settlement Loan or Institutional Funding

Non-Recourse funding from Nationwide Litigation Funding is not a settlement loan. Victims of nursing home/elder abuse are usually not in a credit-worthy position to qualify for bank or institutional funding. And non-recourse funding from Nationwide Litigation Funding does not have to be repaid in the event that a judge rules against the plaintiffs. Nationwide Litigation Funding's backers are private investors - not hedge funds, banks or other public institutions who are legally obligated to publicly disclose intimate details of their activities. With this type of non-recourse litigation funding, attorneys and plaintiffs who take advantage of our services can protect their dignity and privacy.

Non-Recourse Funding Enables Life And Business To Continue As Normal

Everyone knows that cash-flow is king. Without cash, a business cannot operate and a person cannot live. Using non-recourse funding from Nationwide Litigation Funding, law firms can continue to operate and grow their business without tying up valuable capital for years. And plaintiffs who have suffered nursing home abuse get money to pay medical bills and other expenses to continue living with dignity. It's a win-win situation for everyone. Non-recourse funding from Nationwide Litigation Funding only needs to be paid back upon successful collection of settlement funds: if you don't win the case, you don't have to pay Nationwide Litigation Funding back. There is no better way.

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