mass-tort-litigation-fundingIf you are a plaintiff involved in a mass tort law suit it should be pointed out from the beginning that there is little available to the plaintiff(s) in terms of plaintiff loans or plaintiff non-recourse advances when it comes to MT.

If you are an Attorney looking for a non-recourse advance for litigation costs then please read on and call us immediately for a free no-hassle evaluation.

It was not that long ago that the term “Mass Tort” was only known to the legal profession but in recent years even the average citizen has come to know this term because of the influx of numerous cases against, for the most part, major corporations. Most people think of mass tort as a law suit against the pharmaceutical company for a drug that not only doesn’t work but in many cases may cause serious illness, injury or even death. Or the auto manufacturer because of some faulty design knowingly can put you the consumer in harms way.

The Commercial Division at Nationwide Litigation Funding is well-equipped to understand the nature of your lawsuit. We have worked with many major firms and have come up with various strategies to help you represent your clients in the most positive way possible. Our innovative non-recourse advance techniques have helped firms garner tens of millions of dollars in fees.

Nationwide Litigation Funding was the prominent lender in one of the largest mass tort awards in the history of this type of litigation. We are confident that we can, not only understand your position but can supply the necessary capital for your firm to become a formidable adversary in advancing your clients position.

Our non-recourse advances have generally supported claims for manufacturing defects, design defects and of course a failure to warn a customer about a potential danger.

We recognize and understand that many states have enacted their own consumer protection laws that provide a differing variety of consequences for this type of litigation. That there are numerous nuances as to how a pleading may be posed by your firm.

Having an experienced funding source like NLFunding who understands the complexities and enormous litigation costs involved in a mass tort proceeding can make all the difference in a law firm’s success.




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