Aviation Accidents

aviation-accidentsAviation Accidents: Rare But Potentially Catastrophic

In comparison with auto accidents, aviation accidents are considerably less common with just under 450 aviation-related fatalities - including commercial, private, and corporate airlines - in the U.S. in 2012. And the Aviation Safety Network that tracks worldwide statistics for aviation events reported just over 760 fatalities and a dozen commercial aviation accidents worldwide in 2014.

While it is statistically less likely to be involved in an aviation incident as opposed to other, more common accidents, those who are involved in such accidents - including the family members left behind when there are fatalities - quickly learn that this is an enormously complex issue that requires detailed knowledge of the aviation industry to effectively navigate victims through resulting litigation.

The Causes of Aviation Accidents

There are a variety of potential causes for aviation-related accidents including the flaws in the design of the aircraft itself, faulty manufacturing procedures, ineffective ongoing maintenance of the aircraft, faulty design, installation, and maintenance of any component parts of the aircraft, and ineffective operational procedures of the aircraft and/or airline.

Failure of any one of these systems can end in catastrophe - resulting in loss of life, injury, and an impact to lives that would be impossible to quantify.

Additionally, situations that occur on board during the flight - that are not necessarily related to an accident - can result in injuries sustained by passengers. This includes, but is not limited to, on-board medical emergencies, failure to provide adequate allowances for disabled passengers to ensure their comfort and safety, on-board airborne illnesses, and more.

Establishing Responsibility for Aviation Accidents

The causes of aviation incidents are varied and include pilot responsibility (poor training, health conditions, and pilot error during the flight), mechanical issues related to the aircraft itself (poor design, parts breakage and/or failure), negligence on the part of the aircraft owner or airline (failure to make necessary repairs, failure to keep up with regular maintenance), and outside factors such as runway conditions or errors made by air traffic control.

Successfully seeking compensation for life or injuries, depends on determining whether responsibility rests with the pilot, air carrier, product manufacturers, or any of the many others responsible for ensuring a sound aircraft and a safe flight.

Aviation Litigation Requires Knowledgeable, Experienced Attorneys

Aviation incidents can range from minor injuries and illness to catastrophic injuries and loss of life. Attorneys charged with the litigation of such cases represent plaintiffs in personal injury claims, property damage claims, product liability claims, product recall claims, and more - establishing negligence, etc.

Attorneys who handle aviation litigation must be fully versed in aviation law as well as any compliance issues that may be appropriate to the situation. The complexities associated with aviation cases are such that only the vastly knowledgeable and highly experienced are able to effectively unravel the details and successfully lead a case. Considerable time and effort is invested by legal teams that undertake aviation cases as they work to establish responsibility in an effort to receive compensation for their clients.

Relief Through Non-Recourse Funding

Lawsuits of this nature can be lengthy and those involved sift through the many details that will help contribute to a final legal decision. Legal teams must be entirely immersed in such a case, contributing their time, their manpower, and their considerable resources - both financial and otherwise - to establish the facts and effectively guide their clients.

Plaintiffs commit their own time and resources to this legal process, managing legal and medical bills, and often trying to also manage everyday living expenses while they are recovering from injuries and work is not possible.

At Nationwide Litigation Funding we provide non-recourse funding accrued from private investors that allow plaintiffs to pay medical bills and cover living expenses until their cases are settled or won. We also provide non-resource funding to attorneys and law firms, allowing them to fully commit their resources to winning their case. Because funds are non-recourse, no repayment is made if the case is lost. In the meantime, these crucial funds provide a solid foundation on which a case can be won and with which plaintiffs can take care of themselves and their families during the lengthy litigation process.



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