About NLF Services
At Nationwide Litigation Funding, we focus on relationships and trust. These key ingredients have made NLF a force in the industry of funding litigation directly to attorneys and their firms. We pride ourselves in educating those in the legal community that there are numerous creative options available for funding, serving as a preferred alternative to using their own money or a bank's line of credit.

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With the rising cost of litigation, law firms are often forced to: (A) not expanding their horizons and only handling a small case load; or (B) giving away new cases and only receiving a referral fee. With larger firms suffering millions of out of pocket costs each year, this is simply bad business.

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We have worked hard to establish trust with our attorneys and their firms, providing knowledge and experience to give an industry with dramatically rising costs a powerful and rewarding alternative for doing business, without financial burden. In short, we let you focus on your case, not the funding of that case.



Our team at NLF is constantly following up with clients, making sure they know we are there to meet ALL their financial needs, and provide the services and support they require. NLF has opened the doors to new avenues of financing for law firm litigation so they have the flexibility to grow, expand and prosper.

Team of Nationwide Litigation Funding

We're more than just a lending source!

  • We refer cases to your firm.
  • We connect your firm with other firms to co-counsel.
  • We help you develop new business relationships.
  • We assist in marketing your firm  nationwide.
  • We can create facilities for most corporate finance projects.

Cases Handled

Commerical & Business Litigation


Pre Settlement


Law Firm Loans

  • Attorney Class Action 
  • Law Firm Appeals 
  • Financing Attorney 
  • Lines of Credit
  • Structured Settlements