Cash Advances For Pending Lawsuits

Attorney Funding

Not only does NL Funding assist you with your immediate and long term financial needs but we also network you and your firm with our clients nationwide.

Financial NeedsServices

    • Handle all your firm's financial needs.
    • Referral of cases to your firm.
    • Co-counseling Opportunities Nationwide.
    • Connect your firm with other law firms who need your
      financial support and/or man-power.

Non-Recourse Program

Nationwide Litigation Funding provides funding against one case or a small matrix of cases.

1) No pay back if the case is lost.

2) No personnel guarantees.

3) No monthly fees.

4) No liens against your Firm.

5) The amount can be given to the Firm in one lump sum.

6) Underwriting for commerical and business cases can be finalized in 30 days or less.

7) Underwriting for personal injury cases can be finalized in 72 hours.

8) Can fund as high as $40 million against a case or a matrix of cases.

9) Funding can be placed against the plaintiff for litigation costs with no costs to the firm.

Attorney Revolving Line of Credit
- We can provide a line of credit from $750,000 to $50 million -

- We can establish a line in as little as a month or less -

- Your firm will be charged only for the amount that is used -

- We will accept your portfolio of cases as collateral -

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More on Non-recourse Attorney Funding

Non-recourse funding is extremely attractive for many important reasons:

A) The money advanced does not need to be repaid if the case is unsuccessful: 100% of the risk is with the funding source; if the case is lost neither the plaintiff nor your law firm owes anything to the investors for the funds advanced.

B) Advances can be made to your law firm or the plaintiff directly: In cases with a single party plaintiff it is possible to fund the plaintiff, your firm, or both.

C) Advances can be in the tens of millions of dollars: In many cases non-recourse funding begins at levels as low as $1 million and easily can reach amounts in excess of $40 million.

D) Advances can be provided in one lump sum: With a loan or line of credit the lenders generally require the law firm to establish a monthly budget. The firm then receives monthly disbursements from the credit line. On the other hand, the full amount of a non-recourse advance will be given to the firm immediately upon approval.

E) No personal guarantees: Loan programs and lines of credit created by institutional lenders require the senior partners to sign personal guarantees. No personal guarantees are required for non-recourse funding.

F) No liens against your firm: Loan programs and lines of credit issued by institutional lenders require liens to be placed against most if not all of the cases in the firm’s matrix. Additionally, most lenders require the firm’s receivables to be applied to paying down the loan or credit line; often this involves a significant percentage or the entirety of the firm’s assets. Non-recourse funding does not require liens to be placed against the firm, its principals, or its assets.

G) No monthly fees: A loan program requires monthly payments against the loan or the money drawn from the credit line. With a non-recourse advance there are no fees until the case reaches a positive result and your law firm is paid.

H) No underwriting costs: Most lenders require the borrower to pay nonrefundable underwriting costs up front. In complex matters, these costs can be significant and the loan can still be denied. However, non-recourse investors handle all underwriting costs, saving your firm potentially wasted funds.

I) Underwriting can be finalized in 40 days or less: A loan program or line of credit can take months to establish. The non-recourse investors we work with make their decisions quickly: funding often occurs in 40 days or less.

At Nationwide Litigation Funding we work closely with attorneys nationwide involved with sizable and high-profile cases in regards to satisfying their litigation
funding needs.

If you are interested in obtaining non-recourse funding for cases involving any of the types of claims listed below, please contact us in confidence to discuss the types of non-recourse programs available as well as the terms associated with those programs:

- Patent and copyright infringement

- Trade secrets

- Intellectual property

- Securities fraud

- Class actions

- Mass torts

- Legal malpractice

- Breach of contract

- Financial distress

- Financial service companies

- International arbitration

- Oil and energy

- Enforcement of judgments

- Whistle blowers

- Other claims in excess of $10 million

We wanted to give you a heads up regarding a new and very aggressive group of investors we are working with.

One of the ways they differ is that they will "fund the case through the plaintiff” for the litigation costs thus releasing the firm from any repayment and keeping their share of an award intact. In addition they have given us the green light to place $100 MM as soon as possible. We have already placed several actions with them in the multi- millions and we are very pleased with their speedy underwriting process.


Why and Where It Fits:

1) Firms who have always used their own pool of money or lines of credit with their bank that know their money can be unrecoverable for years.

2) Those firms that are charging their clients on an hourly basis but would rather have a contingency deal if all the firms’ costs were paid.

3) Firms who are working on a "hybrid" retainer agreement, i.e., reduced hourly and a percentage contingency.

4) The lenders time line for underwriting is approximately 30 working days.

5) Their overwhelming preference is commercial and business related actions.

6) Although they will entertain mass tort and class action cases, the funding would have to go through the firm.

Finally, with the investor taking the complete risk (non-recourse) and the plaintiff having the lien against his net recovery, there is no down side to the firm!


We're more than just a lending source!

  • We refer cases to your firm.
  • We connect your firm with other firms to co-counsel.
  • We help you develop new business relationships.
  • We assist in marketing your firm  nationwide.
  • We can create facilities for most corporate finance projects.

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