Burn Injury

Burn Injuries Effect Nearly Half a Million People in the U.S. Each Year

According to the American Burn Association, 450,000 people in the U.S. seek medical treatment for burns each year with over 40,000 hospitalized as a result of their burns. This number includes the 30,000 admitted to specified burn units. Luckily, of those admitted to burn centers, over 96% of them will have survivable injuries, but recovering from a burn injury can have enormous impact on personal, professional, and financial lives.

The American Burn Association also reports that over 70% of burn injuries occur in the home, with 9% occurring in the workplace, 5% on our roadways, and 5% related to sports and recreation. The majority of burns are the result of contact with fire or flame, with other causes including contact with wet or moist heat (steam), electrical burns, and chemical burns.

Burn related injury litigationBurns Can Result in Severe and Even Life Changing injuries

While minor burns cause damage to the first layer of skin, second and third degree burns cause damage to multiple layers of skin and even the muscle, fat, and bone. These types of burns require serious medical treatment including surgery and ongoing care and physical therapy to aid in recovery and avoid infection. Depending on the severity of the burn, extended hospitalization may be required, as well as therapy, and other medical treatment during recovery.

Unfortunately, in addition to infection, there are many complications that can arise as the result of severe burns including scarring, challenges with mobility, blood clots, respiratory issues, and more.

There are also the psychological ramifications of managing so much physical pain. Many burn patients experience bouts of depression and anxiety and some are even diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.

With so much recuperation necessary, burn injuries can also result in a loss of income for victims and a significant change in life even if temporary.

Whos At Fault When It Comes to Burn Injuries?

If the burn occurred in the workplace or in a public space, was it intentionally inflicted or due to anothers negligence?

It can be a challenge to determine who - if anyone - is responsible for a burn injury. In some cases, its relatively cut and dry such as with intentionally inflicted burns. But in cases where an accident occured it can be tricky to determine where there is responsibility - whether the actions or inactions of a particular party or faulty products directly resulted in injuries sustained by the victim.

With regard to negligence, it must be determined that the injury occurred in an environment that was dangerous and that inconsequential efforts had been made to rectify the issues that caused this injury. With regard to faulty products, design flaws, failure to recall, or faulty parts must be established in connection to burn injuries sustained.

Burn Injury Cases

Seeking Compensation for Burn Injury Plaintiffs

Negligence or intent can result in punitive damages being awarded to those who have sustained burn injuries. Law firms and attorneys who specialize in such cases are experienced in deftly examining the details of burn injuries sustained by their plaintiffs. The law firm will invest their resources in examining the complexities of the accident, the potential impact of another partys negligence, and what the injured party has had to manage in terms of surgery, hospitalizations, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and more. Armed with this information, an attorney will seek financial recourse for their clients injuries.

Nationwide Litigation Funding Provides Financial Resources for Plaintiffs and Attorneys

When a case involving a burn injury goes to court - as with most other cases of its kind where negligence or intent must be established - there is every chance that this case will be quite lengthy. This puts lawyers and law firms in the position of having to invest their own resources - time and money - into a case before they receive any compensation. For plaintiffs who are waiting on compensation to cover their living expenses and medical bills, this gap in time can be financially catastrophic - a tough pill to swallow on top of physical injury and potential emotional trauma.

At Nationwide Litigation Funding we provide non-recourse funding to both plaintiffs and law firms that allows them to cover their respective expenses while their case is being fought. If the case is not won or settled in the plaintiffs favor, the funds do not need to be repaid.

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