The NTSB Investigates All Civil Aviation Disasters, Including Helicopter Accidents.

If you are involved in an automobile accident, the government doesn't investigate the cause of the crash. But if you are involved in a helicopter crash, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), an independent agency of the US government, will investigate the "probable cause" of the crash - but without even attempting to ascertain who is the liable party.

NTSB Shares Its Findings Only With Defendants, Not Plaintiffs.

But if you were injured, or a relative was killed, in a helicopter accident, the NTSB does not automatically share their findings with the plaintiffs or their attorneys. The strange part is that the NTSB shares all the findings with the defendants, which can include the manufacturer, the operator, the pilot, the air-traffic control system and others. The plaintiffs and their attorneys must find out this information on their own - and at their own expense.

Law Firms Have To Determine The Cause At Their Own Expense.

Filing under the Freedom of Information Act, the plaintiffs' attorneys receive details of the NTSB findings as required by US law.

The Insurance Companies Play Their Games.

Then comes the game the insurance companies play - sensing which plaintiffs or law firms are least able to hold out for a protracted settlement, and then engaging in deliberate delay tactics to try and force an early settlement out of desperation or need.

Helicopter technical Terminology Hard to Explain To A Jury.

And the attorney has the additional challenge of having to sort through all this technical aviation material and then present it to a jury in a way that they could understand. A jury might understand the terminology in an automobile accident case, but most jury members would not be familiar with helicopter/aviation terms. This requires enormous creativity on the part of the attorney, and to prepare for it takes an inordinate amount of time and energy.

Non-Recourse Funding From Nationwide Litigation Funding.

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Everyone Wins With Non-Recourse Funding From Nationwide Litigation Funding.

Non-recourse litigation is a win-win situation for everyone: there are no credit or employment requirements to be met and no monthly payments to make. Our investors are private individuals, so the personal details of your case and your injuries do not have to be publicly revealed as they would have to be if you obtained funding from a public institution. And if your case goes against you, non-recourse funding does not have to be paid back.

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