Brokers for NLF

NLF will pay brokers a commission or referral fee on all accounts which result in a funding. We will send you a brokers agreement, and assist you any way we can to maximize your full business potential.

Call NLF today for more information on this program:1-877-FUND-LIT (1-877-386-3548).


Broker Networking

We're more than just a lending source!

  • We refer cases to your firm.
  • We connect your firm with other firms to co-counsel.
  • We help you develop new business relationships.
  • We assist in marketing your firm  nationwide.
  • We can create facilities for most corporate finance projects.

Cases Handled

Commerical & Business Litigation


Pre Settlement


Law Firm Loans

  • Attorney Class Action 
  • Law Firm Appeals 
  • Financing Attorney 
  • Lines of Credit
  • Structured Settlements